CGI Automotive Consulting

Like powertrains, platforms normally have a long useful life providing the stability and infrastructure for the vehicle.  The modern vehicle platform takes many years to develop as it has a very complex function to hold all of the vehicle systems together, yet it must also be robust in a crash situation and must provide excellent occupant protection.  The platform is therefore something that could have a secondary application beyond the vehicles for which it was originally designed.  

In the developing markets, 'platforms' can have a real value in accelerating vehicle development and also giving the original OEMs revenue from old tooling or in combination with a licensing concept.

Depending upon the OEMs criteria, a carry over platform for a new vehicle design could have benefits that would need to be explored.  

CGI understands the IPR and Vehicle safety concerns of the OEMs and it is ideally placed to broker commercially viable deals that are mutually beneficial.  CGI has 30 years experience in 'BIW' and it can offer a range of services including plant re-location, BIW Design and re-tooling, manufacturing support to SOP, etc.