CGI Automotive Consulting

International Agreements on Global Air Quality have driven tremendous changes to engine design over the last 20 years.  OEMs have invested heavily in this area where a basic design can last for 10 years or more complemented by external systems and control software.  

As the emissions levels have increased, the ability to copy technology has become more difficult as, whilst the physical attributes are easy, the software/embedded technology is more difficult.  These difficulties mean that developing markets have a technology-gap to bridge in order to provide engines that meet Global Targets.

It is in this arena that CGI can play a unique role by bringing together mature and developing companies to provide benefits to both sides.  Often, OEMs are moving from one level of technology to another and they do not have the resources to exploit IPR which may have taken years to develop.  CGI can bring them value and also solve problems for companies entering the market for the first time.  

Solutions from CGI can include complete manufacturing facilities to make the main 5 'C' engine parts and to assemble the complete engine/powertrain either on a licensed basis or to support generic engine/powertrain developments.